Happy New Year to everyone!  I have started a blog.  Not a really bloggy-type blog, just a place to visit where I can show some new work.  I will be participating in Illustration Friday and look forward to joining many other illustrators in coming up with some new ideas.   To see all the work, check out www.illustrationfriday.com. Cheers!


01/10/2013 1:50pm

Hi Sally,

Your website is lovely! How nice that you've added a blog as well. Just wanted to leave you a note so that you did not think you were shouting out into the ether.

Is your Weston critique group still adding new members? I saw the listing on the NESCBWI newsletter but did not know if that was current.

Best, Cathy

01/10/2013 4:34pm

Hi Cathy!
Thank you so much for visiting the site! I am new to this so it is a work in progress.

We are still adding members to the group in Weston. I will email you more info.

Glad to know someone is out there!

01/11/2013 3:52am

Very nice image, dark and mysterious, yet light and friendly. Thanks!

01/11/2013 7:07am

Thank you Rebecca!


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