This week the topic for Illustration Friday is "Wheel".  I did this piece a few years ago but when I looked at it, I knew it needed a little work.  The colors needed a boost so I went back in and reworked a few areas.  It is a large piece so I also zoomed in and wondered about the composition.  You can see the edited versions below.
Last week's topic was "Wings".  It was a busy week and I didn't post anything.  But I realized I should have posted this piece which is a piece I did in watercolor.  It is based on a photo I took in Nice, France on a hilltop.  A beautiful spot.


02/27/2013 1:13pm

I love those shadows! Flying pigtails too.

I can identify with the mom completely - givng gentle pushes and still just a few feet behind!

02/28/2013 9:08pm

Thanks Cathy! Yes, gentle pushes and fingers crossed that the child doesn't end up on the ground:)


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