This week’s subject for Illustration Friday is Farewell and it was suggested by Penelope Dullaghan.  Penelope is the founder of the site and it is fitting that she suggest the topic as this is her last week manning the reigns.  She is also a talented illustrator herself.  She started the site almost ten years ago.  I am sure that she had no idea how many artists she would inspire over those years.  It has grown to an international home to many illustrators.  It is a place that gives us a "lurking deadline" which is sometimes what we need to get work done.  Without her giving us deadlines, many of us would not have completed the beautiful work that we have done.  Even though I just started participating this past January, I have found it to be an incredible networking site that I have found to be immensely encouraging and far reaching. When I started participating, I thought that it was simply a way to get me to complete work.  But it is more than that.  Many of us wake in the morning after posting to the site the night before and find interesting and encouraging words from artists from all over the globe.  Without IF, that would not have happened.  I don’t know if we can thank her enough.  She has given us a home to share our creations with others.  Thank you, Penelope.  We are grateful to her and thankful that she allowing the site to continue and is passing it along to Thomas James from Illustration Age.

I am currently working on a postcard which I will post next week.  But I dug through my portfolio and decided to post an image I had done of Tom Sawyer for the Tomie dePaola award.  Tom is on his way though the dark night, unsure of what lay ahead.  I am sure that Penelope feels the same way to some degree.  

We wish you smooth sailing and a strong breeze to carry you to your next destination.  Let all the good wishes from the participants at IF fuel your sails. Like anything in life, you will have days filled with rough seas and grey clouds.  Don’t worry about those. They are always followed by beautiful afternoons with sunshine and clear blue water.  Learn from them all.  Soak them up and move forward.  Enjoy the time away from the screen and have fun laughing and making memories with your family and friends.  We wish you all the best.  Bon voyage!



04/30/2013 11:22am

How beautiful the moonlight and starlight looks on the water!

04/30/2013 12:07pm

Thanks Cathy! Hopefully I captured Mark Twain's description of "star-gemmed water".

05/07/2013 11:16am

Wonderful scene beautifully rendered! Now if only we could get kids today off their phones and into nature more!

I've been doing IF for a little bit longer, but I agree with all you've said. The site not only encouraged me to create so many goofy illustrations I would never have done otherwise, but all the terrific art blogs and art people I've met are just as valuable. It's great and I hope it sticks around!

Oh! The other site I found which is equally, though differently helpful, is, if you have any interest in occasionally trading art cards. (It is a small-ish juried site for professionals and professional hobbyists - meaning only that you have to apply and prove you've got some skills under your belt.) :)

05/08/2013 11:38am

Yes! The kids need to be off the phones and into nature, Cindy! Glad you agree about IF. It has been wonderful!

Thanks for sharing the info about that other site! I will have to check it out.


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