It's Illustration Friday again this week.  The topic is "Liquid".  I recently sent out my promo postcards and this is the image that was on the back of the card.  I think the image works for the topic this week. 

This image also brings up  my need for Photoshop.  I am kinda old school when it comes to technology.  I bring my artwork to a printer, have them scan it and design my postcard.  I am not a technology wiz.  I like pencils. I like paper.   The fact that I have a website and know how to work it, is amazing! I am thankful that the technology keeps improving for those of us who need it to be simple and easy.  
But after the arrival of this postcard, I decided I need to get Photoshop.  
The image above is on the front of the postcard.  
The one on the left is the original image.  
The one on the right is the scanned image that appears on the actual postcard. 
They look different but the same.  You be the judge.  Which do you like better?  The original is softer with more subtle shading, the scanned image is bolder.

And below is the comparison of the images that are on the back of the card.  
Again, the left is the original and the right is the scanned image. It looks like there is no shading on the elephants head on the scanned image. And that is after I had them darken it. 

Can I fix it with photoshop?  I think it may be worth the investment.  I can sit and play with the image.  Darken, lighten, print out a bunch of different versions and not have to pay a designer by the hour.  I can take some tutorials.  And I will take notes, with paper and pencils, of course! I'll let you know.  


06/13/2013 12:39pm

Sally - I love the weathervane! LOL

I definitely see the difference in the original vs. scanned versions.

I'm impressed that you could show them side by side in Wordpress. Can you teach me how?

06/20/2013 6:32am

Hi Cathy,
I use Weebly and it is one of the options. Thankfully it is easy as I am not a techno wiz by any means! I would teach you if I knew Wordpress:)


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